Sanbot Nano Home Robot

  • Sanbot Nano

The Sanbot Nano Cloud-Based IoT Humanoid Telepresence Robot is designed for all of your smart home needs. This robot comes with an advanced voice interaction system, high-quality speakers, and terrific communication functions, making him an instant member of your family. He’s is equipped with the voice localisation technology so will always face you when you are giving him a command.

You can ask him to play a specific song, an artist, a genre, or a streaming service. Speak to him and he’ll turn on/off the lights or any other smart device in your home and he’ll also help you make hands-free video calls to anyone who has an Echo Show, The Alexa App, The Q-link App or Echo or Echo Dot.

Using Q-Link, the Sanbot mobile App, you can turn on Sanbot’s camera and control Sanbot’s movements, allowing you to monitor any part of your home.

Sanbot will play somatic games with you as part of your daily exercises routine and his Hi-Def sound system and multiple colored lights means he’ll bring the party anywhere.

Using versatile obstacle avoidance technology and his omnidirectional wheel Sanbot is completely stable and is powered by a Panasonic Li-Ion battery that is safe and durable and comes with a three-year guarantee.

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