Zyxel Gigabit Active Fiber Bridge

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Zyxel FMG3010-R20A

The Zyxel FMG3010-R20A Gigabit Active Fiber Bridge provides high-speed active fiber Internet access to meet the market requirements for high-performance Gigabit bandwidth. This model also features a built-in Ethernet LAN that relieves those troublesome wirings.

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Compliant with the 1000BASE-BX20-U

Supports Gigabit Ethernet port

Auto-provisioning and remote management through TR-069

Excellent QoS capability to prioritize applications as needed


P2P bridge modem that keeps the existing infrastructure

The FMG3010-R20A is a pure bridge modem that uses a Gigabit Ethernet port to connect to the existing broadband router. Service providers are able to minimize the CAPEX taking advantage of the existing infrastructure and QoS to maintain services. It allows operators to offer Gigabit services with the lowest expense and high deployment efficiency.

TR-069 remote management support

To offer really enjoyable user experiences, the Zyxel FMG3010-R20A comes with both bridge mode and router mode; this makes it trouble-free to integrate the FMG3010-R20A into the existing network. The built-in routing functions allow users to take advantage of all typical applications. To work smoothly with the users’ existing or preferred devices such as high-end WiFi access points, small business gateways or enterprise gateways, the FMG3010-R20A should be switched to the bridge mode.

Advanced QoS for ensured service quality

The Zyxel FMG3010-R20A comes equipped with IP QoS features for service providers to freely design QoS policies and prioritize mission-critical services such as IPTV based on their individual service plans. This facilitates network efficiency and productivity that enable service providers to offer a real multi-play solution via active fiber networks to meet residential subscriber needs.

Application Diagram